Organizing Department


Welcome to Council #15

         Connecticut Council of Police Unions No. 15 has been affiliated with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees since 1965.  It is the objective of Council 15 to represent and service all police officers in the State of Connecticut.  If you are interested in becoming a member of Council #15, feel free to contact James E. Howell at (203) 237-2250 or email

Council #15 Member Benefits include:

Size and Strength     Statewide Services     National Services

ADD IT UP:  Strong Representation = AFSCME, Council 15


Size and Strength 

Largest Public Employee Union in the Country

  • 1.3 million members and growing

  • 28,000 Police Members Nationwide

Largest Police Union in Connecticut

  • 3,700 plus members/ 55 Police Locals and Chapters

Member of CT Coalition of Police and Corrections Officers

  • Representing 12,000 Law Enforcement Officers in CT

Member of State Federation AFL-CIO

  • Coalition with other unions representing 280,000 members of organized labor in CT.

Political Action Committee

  • 3,700 plus members/ 55 Police Locals and Chapters

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Statewide Services

Guaranteed Grievance Representation

  • By Police Union Attorney before any formal panel including Local Police Commissions

Local Determination of which Grievances go to Arbitration

Four Outstanding Labor Attorneys on Staff

  • Robert J. Murray, Harry B. Elliot Jr., Kenneth DeLorenzo, and Eric R. Brown

  • Two(2) very experienced Outside Labor Attorneys work for Council 15 as needed:
    Norman Zolot and Barbara Collins

Full Time Lobbying for Police Union Issues

  • Council 15 is a driving force at the State Capitol

  • Political Affairs Director/Lobbyist

Council 15 Website


  • Internet Access for Nationwide research in Council Library

  • Access the latest from: The Labor Dept., Justice Dept., FBI, CT Attorney General, CT Worker’s Compensation Commission, and Statistical Data from the CT Office of Policy and Management

Complete Law Library for Your Use

  • All CT Labor Board Decisions on CD ROM

  • 82 CT Police Union Contracts on File

  • All State Board of Mediation and Arbitration Awards on File

  • All Municipal Interest Arbitration Awards since 1990 on File

  • All CT Statues, Regulations and Court Decisions

  • Complete texts of Labor Arbitration Reports by Bureau of National Affairs

Certified Police Steward Training Program

Free Initial Consultation with Workers Compensation

Police Union Leadership Classes

  • Five separate courses offered to Union Leadership – Rights of Police Officers; Collective Bargaining; Grievances and Prohibited Practice; Workers Compensation; and a Women in Policing Symposium.

  • Over 100 members attended training sessions and the convention in 1999

Union Member Training Classes

  • Classes offered to members in: Infectious Disease, Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace, Use of Political Force by Unions, and Interest Bases Collective Bargaining.

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National Services

Research Department

  • For all public employees issues, including Pensions, Municipal Budget Analysis and Cost analysis of Benefits.

Woman’s Rights & Minorities Department

  • Research, Publications and Expert Testimony available to Locals and Members to support Women and Minorities in the Workplace

Seven Full-Time National Lobbyists

  • Working on a full agenda of police issues:  In conjunction with The National Association Of Police Organizations.

  • Council 15 actively supports 28 bills before Congress

Education & Training for Officers, Local Leaders, and Staff

Over 400 International Staff

  • Including experts in every area of labor relations

Public Relations & Multi-Media Department

  • Available for consultation and assistance to Local’s when needed.

Comprehensive Nationwide Data Bank

  • Collective Bargaining Language and Contracts covering 1.3 million members.

Workplace Safety Department

  • Research, publications, and training on all aspects of OSHA and Workplace Safety.